Secure Your Server With These Web Application Testing Tools

What is a Web Application? A Web Application is a computer program that can perform any set of tasks or a specific function by using a client, called web browser. The application can be any webmail, instant messaging services, online retail services etc. Why Is Web Application Security important? The website is being attacked daily […]

Why Indian firms marginalize cyber security?

Demonetization a drive towards digital financial system by the Indian government is altering the means of running businesses and government offices in the country. However, with at sudden launch digital finance system there are a number of changes which are creating vulnerabilities by moving processes online. These online processes are resulting in an increased incidence […]

Most critical skill gap: Is India lacking Cybersecurity training providers?

Do you know the importance of implication of cyber security education and training in India? If no then here in this post you will get complete details about this topic as it cannot be undermined. As more and more governmental and public services are becoming dependent relatively on internet and information technology. So it’s essential […]

Are smart cities easily vulnerable to cyber attacks?

With the not -for-profit global initiative of securing Smart Cities aims to resolve the current and future cyber security issues of smart cities through alliance amid companies, media outlets, governments, other not-for-profit initiatives, and individuals across the world. From past few decades, technology is playing a vital role in our life and we are dependent […]