How to secure web server?

Looking for the ways to secure your web server, if so then you must be aware of what makes a Web server secure and protected against cyber attacks? The major part of the challenge of securing your Web server is recognizing your aim. As quickly as you get familiar with what a protected Web server is, you can find out how to relate the configuration settings to make one. This section of write up provides an organized, repeatable approach that you can utilize to productively arrange a protected Web server. The web service is just one fraction of a server.


Latest studies demonstrate that about 37 thousand websites are hacked every which means approx 13 million websites every year. From exploiting web vulnerabilities to infecting ad-networks, invaders use a broad series of methods to deal out their malware. The high-quality news is, these attacks can be blocked-up with a methodical approach to hardening your web server.


Now, most of the users believe that getting a top-of-the-line firewall service is a sufficient for website safety. This is not right. A knowledgeable security professional will let know you that the most excellent way to save a server is to organize a series of defenses. If an attacker tries to attack one coating, there’s another sheet to take its place. This method is called “Layered security”.


There are hundreds of conducts in which server security can be breached. Setting up a well-built foundation for server security is the primary measure in securing a web server. Firewalls are a vital part of any server configuration as they implement security features.


Quick ways to secure web servers:


  • Approximately all attacks initiate over the network. By locking down your system services, a huge sum of these attacks can be blocked-up even prior to it touches your web application.


  • To protect web servers close all ports, and unlock only the ones you require – This is the main primary principle in network security.


  • Separate PUBLIC AND PRIVATE network – Keep in mind that anybody can pay attention in on the traffic from your server. Divide your traffic so that data that’s invented to be public is accessible over the public IP.


  • Employees are often the weakest connection in server security. Attackers use various social engineering techniques like phishing, brute force, to steal login details. So to avoid such conditions conduct a training program for your company workers and educate them with latest cyber security trends and tactics to secure the data.

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