Bridge The Huge Gap Between Demand And Supply With ISCP Certification Course

Are you are thinking about a career change in 2017, then you need to have a look at the growing cyber security marketplace which is likely to grow from $75 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020.Do you know that more than 209,000 cyber security jobs in the U.S. are unfilled? There are more than 74% postings vacant from the past 5 years, according to a 2015 analysis of numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics by Peninsula Press.

According to Statistics report, the rate of growth for jobs in information security is projected at thirty-seven percent from 2012–2022—that’s much quicker than the standard for all other occupations. Computer science roles are already in high demand as it is; adding in the element of security makes these roles even more critical and sought after.


The Current State of Cyber security Training

With so many vacant jobs and the need to fill them is so dire, more colleges are offering degrees in cyber security, though it has yet to become a staple in undergraduate coursework for students majoring in related fields.

For many professionals currently in the cyber security field, they learned the necessary skills through certificate programs and in-the-field training versus degree programs. “They didn’t always teach security in college,” explained Dave Lemaire, Senior Director of Technical Operations at Dyn. “It’s one of those things that you stumble into…or get forced into.”

“In the coming years, we will see an expansion of cyber security content across the curriculum as all students represent entry points into the broadly defined cyber security workforce,” Diana stated. “Continuous professional development is critical in the field of cyber security because the nature of the threat continuously evolves. Many options exist for current professionals to augment their skill set; including certificates from technical training companies, additional degrees through university study, or stand-alone hands-on courses to develop specific skills. The right decision depends on specific knowledge or skill required. There are no one-size fits all.”

Common Cyber security Positions

So as for those who are previously in the field and want further training, Kratikal Academy offers ISCP certification that helps individual to boost their cyber skills. Further, this program is available also an option in a number of colleges and institutes but it may not be trouble-free for professionals to find a program nearby that offers what they want so in that case you can contact Kratikal academy and get complete details about the security programs in a proficient manner.

Just the Beginning

While we have already seen a large explosion in these jobs and skill sets, it is quite worth to say that it is only just the start for the rise in cyber security jobs. Within few time professionals will be able to with no trouble broaden their skill sets with the help of 80 hour security course training offered by Kratikal Academy available at various colleges and training institutes to continue offerings, so that more young talent will continue to fill these roles.

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