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Kratikal Academy Online Course will provide beginners with principles of data and technology that outline and describe cyber security.

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Industry-Academia Recognised Certification

Build your career with a certification course that is recognised by corporate groups and premier educational institutes.

Classroom Based Training

Learn concepts of cybersecurity under the expert supervision of our experienced instructors.

Career Prospects

Earn more owing to the increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals across the world.

Valuable Employability Skill

Stand apart from the herd by taking our rich practical course our cybersecurity.

Compete With Yourself

Indulge in video lectures and perform live exercises on our dedicated student's portal.

Flexible Learning Options

You can plan your lessons with our instructors as per your convenience. We can always find a lesson plan to fit your schedule.

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ISCP course is an instructor lead training and practical based certification course. It assumes minimal understanding and teaching advanced concepts of hacking.

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Web Application Security

Web Applications are the core of internet services. Billions of websites across the world hold highly critical information regarding the firm, the employees, the customers and their products.

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Mobile Application Security

With the advent of smartphone explosion, most web applications are diversifying to mobile apps. With the increase in services mobile apps become an easy attack for attackers.

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Hacking With Metasploit

In this course, beginners can learn popular security tools and techniques that help to run penetration tests with the best ethical hacking distribution Kali, and the tools: Nmap and Metasploit.

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